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625 Taylor St # A, Columbia, SC 29201

Supporting Candidates for Office who Support You

The South Carolina Builders Political Action Committee (PAC) is a non-partisan committee that provides financial support to local and state political candidates who are friends of the home building industry.

Who runs the PAC?

The Board of Trustees makes decisions based on feedback from their local colleagues. Each local HBA appoints a board member, who acts as a liaison between the local HBA’s advisory committee and the SC Builders PAC Board of Trustees. In addition to appointed representatives from each local HBA, three officers elected by the trustees and the state legislative chairman from the Home Builders’ Association of South Carolina make up the SC Builders PAC.

Where does funding come from and how is it spent?

Local HBAs raise funds through contributions from individual members and from corporations. Most of the funds stay with the local HBA; however, some funding goes to the SC Builders PAC.

  • 80% is given to the local HBA for support of candidates they select;
  • 15% goes to statewide candidates, such as the governor’s race;
  • 5% helps defray the costs of operating the SC Builders PAC.

What about federal candidates?

State and federal law says state PACs that accept corporate or personal contributions may not contribute to candidates for federal office, such as Congressmen or U.S. Senators.

Join the South Carolina Builders PAC Today!

Why join the SC Builders PAC?

To a large extent, the climate for the home building industry is determined by state and local political decisions. Joining the SC Builders PAC means you have a hand in who is elected to office and the legislation that will affect your bottom line. Your voice will be heard and you can make a difference! You don’t have to be knowledgeable in politics to become a member. If you are concerned about the future of the home building industry in your community and in South Carolina, then you should join the SC Builders PAC.

How will I benefit?

The SC Builders PAC rewards its members for providing the necessary support and clout to succeed on issues affecting the home building industry. Our members receive deserving recognition throughout the year.

All Capitol Club-level benefits, plus:

  • Exclusive invitation to all private HBASC legislative & executive receptions
  • Four total tickets to HBASC Pre-Bird Supper Reception
  • Four total tickets to HBASC Bird Supper

All Silver and Gold Hammer-level benefits, plus:

  • Special Builders PAC lapel pin
  • Two total tickets to HBASC Bird Supper
  • Three total tickets to HBASC Pre-Bird Supper Reception

All Silver Hammer-level benefits, plus:

  • Two total tickets to HBASC Pre-Bird Supper Reception
  • One ticket to HBASC Bird Supper
  • Special recognition at the following HBASC events: Celebration of Excellence, Bird Supper, State Convention, Legislative Day
  • S.C. Builders PAC lapel pin
  • One ticket to HBASC Pre-Bird Super Reception
  • Recognition in the following publications: S.C. Builder Journal magazine, Builder News Network e-newsletter, and HBASC website