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Be Pro Be Proud SC

Be Pro Speech
The Future Economy and Construction Industry in S.C. Depends on a Skilled Workforce.

The current crisis has made it abundantly clear that the residential construction industry is not only needed, but an essential tool in the future economy in S.C. It is also very apparent of the growing need of a skilled workforce. The HBASC and associated trade associations have formed a powerful collaborative to promote skilled trades in South Carolina:

It’s called Be Pro Be Proud SC, and the ultimate goal is to transform our future workforce by increasing the pool of qualified workers and re-instilling pride in the skilled trades. This career-awareness campaign has already been successful in Arkansas since 2016, and we are working closely with the original team to become only the SECOND state in the nation to launch our own mobile workshop. For more information please visit our website

The success of Be Pro Be Proud is due to a carefully-designed plan with two steps:

Step 1 – Generate excitement and awareness for skilled trades by providing simulators and cutting-edge, mobile technology – giving students a unique, “hands-on” and “virtual-reality” experience.

Step 2 – Deliver a “road map” to students that clearly demonstrates the value of skilled trades professions along with local schools, training facilities, and available jobs on the Be Pro Be Proud website.

We will not only educate students about skilled trade careers; we will give them tools and resources to get hired in a profession that willtransform their lives.

The mobile workshop is being custom-built by SPEVCO, and is a state-of-the-art, military-grade, double-expandable 53-foot, 18-wheeler that will house simulators and be deployed everywhere across our state. This innovative campaign has “pop,” and the “wow factor” because it is high – on wheels and profile – using interactive, virtual reality and gamified simulators. The workshop is a well-lit, colorful, animated, and temperature-controlled environment that students will be excited to experience.

Over the next five years, we will tour schools, career fairs, trade shows and all kinds of public and private events, rural and urban, throughout South Carolina.

With the strong support of Governor Henry McMaster, the Associated Industries of South Carolina secured $650,000 in operational start-up funding. We have received a matching corporate donation from South Carolina-based Southeastern Freight Lines to build the Mobile Unit, Mungo Homes  and Great Southern Homes will support new construction oriented virtual reality simulators and we are partnering with DEW for the operational management of the campaign.

Now we are asking you to partner and participate in this 5-year campaign.

A tax-deductible donation now will go a long way towards enabling the Foundation to build and operate this highly-complex mobile workshop while meeting all of our obligations in a first-class, professional manner in which you will be proud.

We are reaching out to every business and economic sector, particularly those represented by the organizational partners below. Know that your peer group is being asked to equally share in supporting this initiative.

BPBPSC will launch this summer. We expect to have an event at the Governor’s Mansion. We will display it at the State Capitol when the legislature returns for final business. We want you to be recognized for your contribution towards a stronger economy and workforce in SC.

If you:

·        have a hard time finding good, qualified workers;

·        want to impact the future generation and change lives;

·        want to reduce drop-out rates and potential recidivism;

·        want to improve our culture and promote pride and professionalism;

·        want to help SC grow;

…then this is something you will want to support.