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Friday Keynote Speaker- John Hunt

MarketNsight Presentation SC HBA July 2019


No Excuses Financial Management – Instructor: Mike Benshoof

Accounting and financial management continues to be a source of fear and frustration for small- volume builders and remodelers, and too many rely solely on their accountant to help them run their company. This session is designed to give you the financial confidence you want and need.

HBA of SC 2019 Conference No Excuses Financial Management Presentation

HBA of SC 2019 Financial Management Presentation


Shorten Your Build Time and Build Better – Instructor: David Lewis and Craig Doehner, Norbord
This Course addresses a number of simple things that can be done in the Framing stage of Construction that will speed up your Trades, provide significant energy savings and structural integrity. The Focus is on Cost Effective steps that provide Reduced Air Leakage, Reduced Heat Gain and Reduced Build Time without causing cost headaches for the Builder and meeting Building Codes/Standards. There will also be an optional segment at the end on structural framing in High Wind regions.


Opportunity Zones and How Industry Professionals Can Take Advantage – Instructor: Burnie Maybank

Hear from an expert about all aspects of Opportunity Zones, the community development incentive brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The agenda includes topics on current issues and best practices for the Opportunity Zones program.

Opportunity Zones


5 Things You Should be Doing in Social Media – Instructor: Carol Morgan

TwittFaceGram. . . Home builders, remodelers and others in the new home industry have embraced social media, but are you doing everything you should be doing? How do you capture market share of eyes and potential buyers in this ever crowded space where everyone is posting their marketing messages and sometimes useless content. Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing will focus on these five things you should be doing to break free of the clutter in this lively class. 1. Have a Plan – create a Content Calendar 2. Run Ads on Facebook & Instagram 3. Call to Action – URL, phone or text 4. Graphics, Photos, Videos – Step it up 5. Empower and ignite your Team Come ready to participate and ask questions. This class will move fast!

5 Things to Do in Social Media


Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget – Instructor: Lucy Rosen
If your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room – how do you package that into a marketing program that will convert potential consumers into paying customers? Aaspiring entrepreneurs, existing small business owners and anyone involved in marketing and communications are invited to join SmartMarketing Communications’ Chief Solutions Officer, Lucy Rosen, for a fast-paced seminar filled with valuable low-cost marketing tips and techniques. Through her easy-to-implement plan and her unique approach to marketing, Lucy offers a number of practical solutions that even a one-person marketing department can implement.


Netiquette: Communications 3.0 Instructor: Carol Morgan

Netiquette, where common courtesy meets the internet, has become a necessary focus as business communications have evolved and become internet based. The telephone is no longer a primary form of business communication as texting, instant messaging and social media have become main stream. When is it OK to text a client or business partner versus sending an email? And, is the answer the same for a Boomer, Gen X or Gen Z? Do we overuse the exclamation point? And what about using emojis or emoticons in emails? What is polite behavior and how do you keep from offending an important contact? Higher social status, greater wealth, supreme standards and an excellent education are traits typically associated with people who have excellent manners, especially those who communicate at a high level with their business contacts. Previously, everyone had manners, but now that is not the norm. Technology allows us to do more – faster. Because we are always in a hurry, corners get cut and netiquette gets left out. During Netiquette: Communications 3.0, you’ll be entertained and engaged as instructor Carol Morgan reminds participants of tried and true practices and brings up thought-provoking subject matter.

Workers’ Compensation 101 for the Employer – Instructor: Christine Ormand, McAngus Goudelock & Courie Law Firm
The 101 of workers’ compensation law, detail various defenses, present common issues in claims, and specifically identify ways by which an Employer (and particularly, Builder) can protect itself from claims and take action prior to a claim occurring which would protect them from liability and/or mitigate exposure.


What’s New in the 2018 IRC and State Modifications? Instructor: Andy Barber
Get an early jump and thorough review and explanation of the significant changes for the 2018 International Residential Code and the adopted South Carolina Modifications that will be implemented on January 1, 2020.


“Compete With the Giants” – Mike Benshoof – Santee Ballroom
The demise of the small and mid-sized home builder is much overstated. Competition is simply a part of business, and while you may lack some of the resources of the “big guys”, you have a variety of tools and advantages at your disposal when trying to contend. In this session, you’ll explore best practices used by large national builders that you can imitate and adapt to fit your business and also what you must do differently in order to successfully compete for market share. Leaning on his more than 30 years of industry experience, your speaker will share strategies he’s employed for his own building company as well as the findings from his extensive study of builders of all sizes.

Compete like a Giant

Mike Benshoof Presentation HBA of SC 8.10.19