The Home Builders Association of South Carolina is a dynamic group of builders, remodelers, and businesses that supply services and products to builders and remodelers. Together they form one of the most influential groups in the state that drives the messages of affordable housing and home buyer protection. The HBA also protects the future of the home building business.
By meeting together and sharing ideas, the HBASC contributes to the economic growth of each individual member and affects change in Congress, the SC General Assembly, the courts and regulatory agencies.

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Why become a member?

Becoming a member allows you to tap into tools and resources that contribute to your economic growth. Our members evolve into first-rate builders through numerous opportunities – educational, networking, and leadership positions.

The HBASC is the voice of home builders in the state. We play a key role in helping you maintain consistently higher industry standards of conduct, quality, and ethics. Your membership in the HBASC assists in solidifying opinions affecting change at all levels – Congress, the SC General Assembly, the courts, and regulatory agencies. We represent everything you stand for.

List of local South Carolina HBA Associations

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