HBASC Healthcare Plan

HBASC Healthcare Plan

HBA of SC Health Insurance Plans

The HBA of SC offers qualified employers with employee benefit coverage that provides high value, increased choice and increased flexibility.

The HBA of SC Benefits Trust includes a group health insurance plan underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of S.C. The Plan is viewed as one large group so it eliminates some costly ACA requirements and allows for more liberal “large-group” underwriting and aggressive rating. This leads to qualifying companies being afforded the opportunity to save on healthcare costs while enjoying low renewal increases annually. The Association Plan is administered under one contract with 19 benefit design plan options. You choose the plans offered to your employees and you set your eligibility waiting period and contributions (there are some minimum participation and contribution requirements). The program provides a long-term, cost-saving health insurance solution for member companies. Qualifying member and non-member companies may obtain a quote to see if they want to take advantage of this valuable new membership benefit. Association membership is required prior to the insurance effective date. Your HBA selected agent can help through the quote and application process. See the below approved agency list.

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Approved Agencies who can quote the plan and provide additional information.

– J.Freeman & Associates                       www.j-freeman.com                                             (864) 331-4400

– King Street Agency                                www.kingstreetagency.com                                (843) 408-4232

– Kinghorn Agency                                   www.kinghornagency.com                                 (843) 837-3911

– Law Insurance Agency                          www.lawinsuranceagency.com                         (864) 582-2334

– Palmetto Insurance Group                   www.palmettoinsurancegroup.com                 (803) 738-8183

– SE Insurance Group                               www.seinsurancegroup.com                             (877) 806-0464

-Southeastern Insurance Consultants   www.siconsultants.com                                     (803) 732-7284

-Turbeville Insurance Agency                 www.tiasc.biz                                                       (800) 738-9918

-Brabham Griffin Insurance                    www.brabhamgriffin.com                                 (803) 722-1175

– The Ellis Company                                   www.theellisco.com                                             (843) 856-1430

Everyone wants quality health insurance at affordable prices for themselves, their families, and their employees.

With the continuing rise in health insurance premiums, we now have the ability to take control of our own health care costs by joining together and using our collective buying power to stem the rising prices.

As a member of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina, you can take advantage of Affordable Care Act-compliant insurance through the HBA of SC Healthcare Trust.

The trust is a private, not-for-profit entity that uses the combined buying power of our members to purchase health insurance at competitive rates. This gives us the same buying power as any large organization, which gives members the opportunity to save on health care costs.

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