Be Pro Be Proud S.C.

The Future Economy and Construction Industry in S.C. Depends on a Skilled Workforce. The current crisis has made it abundantly clear that the residential construction industry is not only needed, but an essential tool in the future economy in S.C. It is also very apparent of the growing need of a skilled workforce. The HBASC…Read More

Consumer Information

Why do Business with an HBASC Member? Many times it is tempting simply to go with the lowest bidder. However, when your purchase involves the quality of life you will live, or the largest investment you will ever make, the low bid may be a big mistake—the kind of mistake you will have many years…Read More

Federal Housing Tax Credit

For aspiring home owners who find their goal stubbornly elusive, newly enacted legislation providing a tax credit of as much as $8,000 for first-time home buyers might just be the opportunity of a lifetime.