SC Housing Hall of Fame

The South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made a lasting contribution to the housing industry through their work in building and development, public service and housing related areas such as education, architecture and planning. Established in 1995, the South Carolina Housing Hall of Fame has inducted 63 outstanding individuals from all over the state.

Candidates must come from one of the two following categories: Builder/Developer or Housing Related. A Builder/Developer is an owner or major principal of a residential building company or land development company. A Housing Related individual is involved in housing issues within fields such as finance, land planning, architecture, research, education, materials, supplies, association management, elected office or public service or may be a historical candidate that made an impact on the housing industry.

2019 SC Housing Hall of Fame Call for Nominations

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Nominations are due by March 22, 2019

SC Housing Hall of Fame Members

Franklin Hugh Atkins
Thomas N. Bagnal
William L. Boozer
Charles E. Fraser
Marion M. Gandy
Edgar W. Teasley
John C. West1996
James Sanders Guignard
Michael J. Mungo
Larry W. Paul
A. B. “Buck” Roberts
William E. Sellers

Robert L. Belk
Levis L. Gilstrap
Ralph S. Hendricks
Robert Mills
J. Allen Shumaker
John T. Watkins

M. Ralph Bagnal, Jr.
George H. Bailey
Ira A. “Lex” Giles, Jr.
Lester Gross
Dorothy LaFitte

James L. “Andy” Anderson
George Jacob Bishop, III
J. C. Long
The Honorable Glenn F. McConnell
James M. “Mike” McMichael
John M. Sadler

John C. Cothran
Joseph B. Fraser
The Honorable Hugh K. Leatherman, Sr.
Michael Stewart Mungo

Alpha “Ted” Bailey
Charles McAlister
Earl E. McLeod
Frank McMillan Nutt
M. Graham Proffitt, III

Richard A. Ashmore
Ernie Magaro
Kenneth E. Ormand, Jr.
Lincoln L. Privette, Sr.
Lt. Col. Maurice Williams2003
Warren Carpenter
Waldo Leslie
William J. Tangye2004
Frank Clark
Joseph Harden
Dan Rawls
Len Reed

Larry Gibson
Steven Mungo

The Honorable Chauncey “Greg” Gregory
Manning  Lynch

Howard Cox
Gale Crawford
D. Aubrey Richardson
Richard Sendler

Keith R. Smith
Georgia L. Toney

William “Harry” Dill
Hal Von Nessen, MIRM
Congressman Addison Graves “Joe” Wilson

Rep. William E. “Bill” Sandifer
John S. Templeton

John W. Uldrick
C. Dan Joyner
Marc Ellis

Frank Norris
Andy White2014
Hank Chardos
W.B. “Bill” Cox, Sr.
F. William “Bill” Hargrove2018
Michael P. Nieri
J. Coleman Shouse