Affordable Housing in SC

Every South Carolinian deserves a safe and affordable place to live. Housing provides opportunities for families and our greater community. The positive impact of affordable housing on all aspects of people’s lives, from educational opportunities to the well-being of children is proven in countless studies. Providing housing opportunities for the majority of South Carolinians is becoming an obstacle. It is a complex problem as it is both a housing supply problem, as well as an affordability problem due to the fact that incomes of moderate and middle income households have essentially been stagnant for the last 20 years and regulatory and construction costs continue to climb throughout our state.
S.C. and our communities must find solutions to the middle-income market, enabling employees vital to the local economy, such as teachers and emergency service workers, to live where they work. If we continue to “price-out” a majority of our citizens we will lose the economic and socio vibrancy of our communities. The HBA of S.C. will continue to work with other groups and elected officials to find solutions to these expanding issues. Please review the studies and papers below to gain a broader view and scope of the issues. We hope you will work together with us to address the issues affecting our family, friends and neighbors.