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The mission of the Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC) is to serve the association members, to enhance the environment for conducting business in the housing and building industry and to maintain housing as a top priority in the state. The HBASC brings together people from all phases of the building industry to advocate their business interests and to promote programs, policies, and education to ensure housing opportunities for everyone.

2020 HBA of SC Officers

President                  Wayne Moore (HBA of Greenville)

Vice President        David Tuttle (BIA of Central S.C.)

Treasurer                   Louie Hopkins (Pee Dee HBA)

Secretary                   Rob Clemons (Horry/Georgetown HBA)

Immediate Past President      Andy Barber (Charleston HBA)

Membership Chair 2020-21     Ed Byrd (Multiple Memberships)

Legislative Chair 2019-20         Darryl Hall and Andy White

Associates Vice President        Bennett Griffin (Multiple memberships)

District #1 Vice President          Doug James (Charleston HBA)

District #2 Vice President         Eddie Yandle (BIA of Central S.C.)

District #3 Vice President         Johnny Uldrick (Lakelands HBA)

District #4 Vice President          Mark Autorino (Spartanburg HBA)

District #5 Vice President          Brian Casey (Pee Dee HBA)

EO Council Chairman                  Patrick Arnold (Charleston HBA)

District #1 DAD                     Mark Brittman (Hilton Head Area HBA)

District #2 DAD                    Kim O’Quinn (BIA of Central S.C.)

District #3 DAD                    Alan Wilson (Multiple Memberships)

District #4 DAD                    Jon Statom (Greenville HBA)

District #5 DAD                   Charles Foster (Multiple memberships)


NAHB Positions


National Area Chair                             Marc Ellis (Hilton Head Area HBA) until IBS

State Representative                          James Graves (BIA of Central SC) / Marc Ellis (Hilton Head Area HBA)                   

State Director                                       Wayne Moore (HBA of Greenville)

Alternate State Director                     Lincoln Privette (Pee Dee HBA)                   

Associate State Director                    Brandon Jeffcoat (BIA of Central S.C.)                    

Alternate Associate State Director  John Butcher (BIA of Central SC)

BUILD PAC Trustee                              Bart Bartlett    (BIA of Central SC)

Alternate PAC Trustee                         Lincoln Privette (Pee Dee HBA)

Associate’s Advisory Comt.               Richard Powers (Greenville HBA)