We’re in business to keep you in business!

We’re in business to keep you in business!

In 2016, the Home Builders Association of S.C. (HBASC) worked diligently to advance the issues most
important to the S.C. industry and our members. The HBASC was actively engaged with more than 170
bills to promote and protect the vital work of homebuilders and developers across South Carolina.
Our efforts included: building codes, protection from patent trolls, HOA reform, business license
fee reform, local government policies, impact fees, stormwater and septic tank policies.
Our efforts have saved the home building industry more than $400 million in 2016 alone.

Your HBA membership saved more than $15,000 in added costs per new house in S.C.!

Your HBA influences government on all levels. Our goal is to protect affordable housing and to stop
needless regulatory costs, which ultimately trickles down and effects everyone who works in the
home building.

If you know of someone who makes their living in the construction industry, but is not a member ask
them why. Keep our industry strong and ask that they join the HBA today to make sure they have a
job tomorrow!

2016 HBASC Legislative Savings Flyer